Thursday, May 13, 2010


I want to show everybody what I have saved in so far. A year and a half ago, I was just doing diapers and wipes. And it grew to make up and mostly toiletress. So far my inventory are as listed:

1. 20 tubes of toothpaste
2. 15 toothbrushes
3. 3 pkgs. of diapers (45 diapers in ea. pkg)
4. 1 box of wipes
5. 6 shaving cream
6. 10 pkg. of razor
7. 3 bags of individual floss (60 pcs in ea. bag)
8. 2 pkg. of paper towel
9. 3 pkg. of toilet paper (12 roll pkg.)
10. 5 bodywash for women
11. 2 bodywash for men
12. 12 bar soaps
and so on and so on...

I sound like I was babbling about what I purchased using the deals and using coupons. I feel so at peace, knowing I could pause for the next 6 mos. til I continue to fill these items. But I should reserve myself with all these sales everyweek and that I have coupons that goes with these sales. I decided to just use $5-$10 a week for toiletress just have some break. It is also tiring to be thinking about these an studying these sales. Its like going to school. I went to Kroger yesterday and even I have all my list and coupons ready, I was tired. I just stared at the aisles and asking myself "what now?!" Nice thing about strategic grocery shopping from stepanie
nelson, I learned a lot. And from Teri Gault's book, she helped watch my food inventory. These ladies empowered me all through out my coupon using and shopping. Thanks a bundle COUPON QUEENS!!!

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  1. congrats on this new venture. Wishing you all the best. :)
    BTW let me know if you need help sprucing this place up *wink*