Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Long Time, No Blog

Hi everyone! I AM SO SORRY! I havent updated my blog in months now.  A lot of the people who attended the coupon class have been asking through email.  Well, one answer.... Its the summer.  Got kids around me are bored out of their minds that I have to make them busy.  Activities we planned that they wanted to do. And of course cooling off from this weather.
But surely I have tips for this summer, that won't break your wallets!  Here are some of the things I did with my family!
1.  We went to the beach!  We'll we only did it twice but it is the most inexpensive thing to do with your family to enjoy this summer.  We usually packed our stuff and meals so that we don't have to have emergency drive thru.
2. Membership health clubs.  So called "YMCA" is a good place to go for the family to stay fit and had a promotion (open door policy) for the summer membership without paying for registration fee.  The promotion also helps families who can't afford the regular monthly fee, so they lower the rates based on family income.
3. Museum.  We found out that there a lot of museums in Hampton roads that are cheap or free.  Isle of Wight county has a lot of free museums.  We also discovered the City of Suffolk, the Riddicks Foley, The Old Train Station at Main st.  And other Historical buildings that is very educational for the kids.
4. Thrift Stores and Yard Sale.  It is the time people are cleaning out stuff they want to get rid off.  The prices are reasonable at Thrift stores you need for the family and for your home.  I recently ventured at Thrift stores because at CHKD, If you donate something, they give you a receipt for tax document and a coupon that you can use at the store.  That's two bird with one stone!
5. Free Play.  It is a good time to set playdates with your kids' friends and their Mom's.  It is a good way to enjoy all the mom's company as well as the kids get to socialize.  It is also an opportunity to do activities with the adults at the same time keep the kids busy during this summer.
6. Board Games..  Uno, Monopoly, and scrabble never goes out of style.  My kids and I have so much fun doing this before bedtime.  We get a kick out of beating eachother in the game.
7. Library.  They have reading programs that started since June and it still going on until the end of August.  It helps the kids enjoy reading.  I know my daughter like "Diary of  a whimpy kid".  It is also free to rent new release videos but has to reserve it 2 months before since a lot of people want to rent them.  You can also request from the library new release books.  You fill up a form and the library actually purchase that book to add in their collection.  That is what I do before I purchase the book, I read it first at the library.

I know there are more stuff to do for the summer that I didn't list today.  Hopefully, everyone who would like to share about couponing, saving money, and frugal lifestyle can share it here in the blog.  So that everyone can do them in our community.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Rite Aid Review

Hello again, to all  bloggers and coupon divas!  Its me again reporting what I did today using the deals and coupons available for this weekly ad. As usual,  I always go to Kroger and Walgreens every week.  But today I also tried Rite Aid because of that new promo ad "copying" (that's what I think) the CVS and Walgreens deals, their new Up wellness rewards.  So that is what I did, I went to purchase their sale for the week, the Colgate pro health toothpaste $2.99- 2 up wellness rewards = 99 cents less $1 coupon I have.  But... You guessed it!  It wasn't that easy.  The cashier said that I have to purchase $10 more in items!  Now, that is a rip off!  I didn't see there was any rule in that.  I guess I didn't read the ad well, but I wouldn't go there again!!

I don't have that problem when I go to Walgreens. Rite Aid ads are very misleading.  Don't get me started with their Pharmacy service. Now that's another story.  Long story short, I was not happy.  I returned the item before going out the store.  I just bought a clearance pack of diapers,  Now that at least make up for that shopping trip!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shopping at Farmfresh; Double Dollar

Hello again, I feel that I need to post here today about Double Dollar at Farmfresh until today.  I don't know if you've been there but I didn't go there yesterday or today.  I just don't find anything I want at Farmfresh.  Although it may be beneficial to you ladies who are planning to check their sale.  That is why, is anybody wants to share a comment on my blog about the sale in Farmfresh, please do so to help others with couponing.

I also wanted to ask the ladies who have expired coupons.  Please send them to military families.  They can use them up to 6 mos. behind the expiration date.  You can check out the details at  It is good to help those who are serving our country by helping them in anyway we can, sending expired coupons.
Till then!! See ya.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sharing the Knowledge

Hi everyone,

I just want to give you the link of the reporter who did an article about the coupon class at the churchland libary I taught last april. I was so happy that this class is better because I have something more to share than the one I did at our church. I met 12 wonderful ladies and not only that was awesome, I gained 12 friends. That is why I decided to do this blog; Is that I could give more insights about coupons and sales in our area. One of the ladies was the reporter, Pamela Nichols. If it wasn't for her, I don't think that I will strive to find more information about coupons. I have done more research before this class than anything else.

Kohls coupon

It's me again. I don't know if you guys like Kohls, but they have good clearance there now. And if you go to, Register there and you will receive a coupon to use. They got different coupons depends upon the promotion. I like the one that is $5 off of $5 or more of your purchase. So check it out. Enjoy shopping!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shopping Today

Hi Ladies,

I am so sorry that it took me more than 2 weeks to post anything on my blog.  But let me assure you, I am still using coupons.  For a while, I didn't do any grocery coz' My husband lost his job 2 months ago so everything was tight.  But the good side of that is use all the Food storage I had.  But with God's blessing, He found a job and started yesterday.  So my report today is these groceries worth more than $120.00, I got it less than $60.  I was so glad the the following were free:

Nivea mens body wash $2.97 - 3C = free
Old Spice Mens body wash BOGO - BOGO C = free (2 bodywash)
Old Spice Mens body wash BOGO - BOGO C = free (2 bodywash)
2 Gallon of milk (when you buy 2/$5 of Kellogs cereal) = free
1 tub of Pampers wipes $1.97 - 2 C = free
1 dawn dish liquid 99cents - 1C = free
3 box of kleenex tissue 99cents ea. - 3RR = free
and the rest are a bargain.
I also still saved up about 10RR worth that I can use next time at Walgreens.  So there you have it, my shopping for this week.  On the picture you can't see that there are groceries underneath there.  But I was so happy, my budget was supposed to be $75 but I did less today. Happy shopping today ladies. Stock up on necessary items.  Mostly, that the hurricane season is coming.  The question is... are you guys prepared?  Is your 72 hr kits ready?!! Just to remind you.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Before you go to Harris Teeter today....

Hi everyone,

I know that Harris Teeter has the double coupons up to $1.98 for this week.  I just want to say that I'm not going there today.  I bet your asking "why are you gonna miss this sale with the coupons?"  Well, if you must know prices at that store is too expensive! They do those promotions to entice you to do your groceries.  I don't know about the others but if you want proof, go to and check the pricelist Harris Teeter.  It would work for some items, but their only 20% to 60% off the regular price.  That is not something I would go "gaga" for. So everyone please be careful.

I would ask you if you could compute your groceries less the coupons (that is up to $1.98) and see if you would spend it there..... I know I wouldn't.  Just a thought!