Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Long Time, No Blog

Hi everyone! I AM SO SORRY! I havent updated my blog in months now.  A lot of the people who attended the coupon class have been asking through email.  Well, one answer.... Its the summer.  Got kids around me are bored out of their minds that I have to make them busy.  Activities we planned that they wanted to do. And of course cooling off from this weather.
But surely I have tips for this summer, that won't break your wallets!  Here are some of the things I did with my family!
1.  We went to the beach!  We'll we only did it twice but it is the most inexpensive thing to do with your family to enjoy this summer.  We usually packed our stuff and meals so that we don't have to have emergency drive thru.
2. Membership health clubs.  So called "YMCA" is a good place to go for the family to stay fit and had a promotion (open door policy) for the summer membership without paying for registration fee.  The promotion also helps families who can't afford the regular monthly fee, so they lower the rates based on family income.
3. Museum.  We found out that there a lot of museums in Hampton roads that are cheap or free.  Isle of Wight county has a lot of free museums.  We also discovered the City of Suffolk, the Riddicks Foley, The Old Train Station at Main st.  And other Historical buildings that is very educational for the kids.
4. Thrift Stores and Yard Sale.  It is the time people are cleaning out stuff they want to get rid off.  The prices are reasonable at Thrift stores you need for the family and for your home.  I recently ventured at Thrift stores because at CHKD, If you donate something, they give you a receipt for tax document and a coupon that you can use at the store.  That's two bird with one stone!
5. Free Play.  It is a good time to set playdates with your kids' friends and their Mom's.  It is a good way to enjoy all the mom's company as well as the kids get to socialize.  It is also an opportunity to do activities with the adults at the same time keep the kids busy during this summer.
6. Board Games..  Uno, Monopoly, and scrabble never goes out of style.  My kids and I have so much fun doing this before bedtime.  We get a kick out of beating eachother in the game.
7. Library.  They have reading programs that started since June and it still going on until the end of August.  It helps the kids enjoy reading.  I know my daughter like "Diary of  a whimpy kid".  It is also free to rent new release videos but has to reserve it 2 months before since a lot of people want to rent them.  You can also request from the library new release books.  You fill up a form and the library actually purchase that book to add in their collection.  That is what I do before I purchase the book, I read it first at the library.

I know there are more stuff to do for the summer that I didn't list today.  Hopefully, everyone who would like to share about couponing, saving money, and frugal lifestyle can share it here in the blog.  So that everyone can do them in our community.

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