Monday, June 21, 2010

Rite Aid Review

Hello again, to all  bloggers and coupon divas!  Its me again reporting what I did today using the deals and coupons available for this weekly ad. As usual,  I always go to Kroger and Walgreens every week.  But today I also tried Rite Aid because of that new promo ad "copying" (that's what I think) the CVS and Walgreens deals, their new Up wellness rewards.  So that is what I did, I went to purchase their sale for the week, the Colgate pro health toothpaste $2.99- 2 up wellness rewards = 99 cents less $1 coupon I have.  But... You guessed it!  It wasn't that easy.  The cashier said that I have to purchase $10 more in items!  Now, that is a rip off!  I didn't see there was any rule in that.  I guess I didn't read the ad well, but I wouldn't go there again!!

I don't have that problem when I go to Walgreens. Rite Aid ads are very misleading.  Don't get me started with their Pharmacy service. Now that's another story.  Long story short, I was not happy.  I returned the item before going out the store.  I just bought a clearance pack of diapers,  Now that at least make up for that shopping trip!!

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