Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shopping at Farmfresh; Double Dollar

Hello again, I feel that I need to post here today about Double Dollar at Farmfresh until today.  I don't know if you've been there but I didn't go there yesterday or today.  I just don't find anything I want at Farmfresh.  Although it may be beneficial to you ladies who are planning to check their sale.  That is why, is anybody wants to share a comment on my blog about the sale in Farmfresh, please do so to help others with couponing.

I also wanted to ask the ladies who have expired coupons.  Please send them to military families.  They can use them up to 6 mos. behind the expiration date.  You can check out the details at www.opc.com.  It is good to help those who are serving our country by helping them in anyway we can, sending expired coupons.
Till then!! See ya.

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