Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shopping Today

Hi Ladies,

I am so sorry that it took me more than 2 weeks to post anything on my blog.  But let me assure you, I am still using coupons.  For a while, I didn't do any grocery coz' My husband lost his job 2 months ago so everything was tight.  But the good side of that is use all the Food storage I had.  But with God's blessing, He found a job and started yesterday.  So my report today is these groceries worth more than $120.00, I got it less than $60.  I was so glad the the following were free:

Nivea mens body wash $2.97 - 3C = free
Old Spice Mens body wash BOGO - BOGO C = free (2 bodywash)
Old Spice Mens body wash BOGO - BOGO C = free (2 bodywash)
2 Gallon of milk (when you buy 2/$5 of Kellogs cereal) = free
1 tub of Pampers wipes $1.97 - 2 C = free
1 dawn dish liquid 99cents - 1C = free
3 box of kleenex tissue 99cents ea. - 3RR = free
and the rest are a bargain.
I also still saved up about 10RR worth that I can use next time at Walgreens.  So there you have it, my shopping for this week.  On the picture you can't see that there are groceries underneath there.  But I was so happy, my budget was supposed to be $75 but I did less today. Happy shopping today ladies. Stock up on necessary items.  Mostly, that the hurricane season is coming.  The question is... are you guys prepared?  Is your 72 hr kits ready?!! Just to remind you.

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