Monday, May 17, 2010

I had a good time shopping today at Walgreens. Here are the list of purchases I did.
1st Purchase
$4.49 gillete mens body wash
- less BOGO Coupon
- $3.00 RR
= $1.49 for 2 gillete mens body wash before tax

2nd Purchase
$4.49 Old spice mens body wash
- less BOGO Coupon
- $3.00 RR
= $1.49 for 2 Old spice mens body wash

3rd Purchase
Kotex Maxi pads 2/$/6.00
Playtex gloves .99
playtex gloves .99
Right Guard deodorant BOGO (2/$4.79)
Aussie Hair styling mousse sale for 2.99
Stride gum 2/$2.00
Hefty zip bags BOGO (2/$3.29)
Ivory soap Pkg (3).99
- Less 2RR for Kotex
- Less $2.00 C for Kotex
- Less $1.00 WC for Stride gum
- Less $1.00 C for Stride gum
- Less $2.00 for Aussie H. Styling mousse
- Less .20 cents C for Hefty zip bags
- Less $1.00 C for Hefty zip bags
- Less .50 cents C for Ivory soap
- Less $3.00 for Right guard deodorant
- Less $1.00 C (I forgot w/c coupon for)
- Less 5RR
= $8.19 for everything and still have 2RR left for future use

All add up to $54.00! I only paid about $14.00 or less for everything. That's a savings of $40.00

I know the other coupon queen would save more but I decided to keep all my RR for future use. I spread it out! Hope you guys enjoy Walgreens as much as I do. My stockpile for Bath supplies and toiletress would be enough for the whole year. Thanks to REGISTER REWARDS!!!


  1. This is sooo cool! Please link me to your coupons and pls. don't forget to let us know where the good sales are. THANKS! A penny saved is a penny earned.

  2. Cristina, check out the following link for coupons. But I must say, It is better to get coupons on the sunday newspaper where you can match your coupons with weekly ads, goodluck!

  3. I Love Wahlgreens I get some good savings with manufacturer coupons and their instore coupons and sales. JV