Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I want to organize my coupon blog. I will post them in 3 parts. 1. Coupon 101, 2. Shopping reviews, and 3. Stories to share.

1. Coupon 101

This will be a post about tips is using your coupon wisely. It will help shoppers sources to find coupons, How doubling and tripling works, What are the store rules for coupons and How to store them.

2. Shopping reviews

This post will be about my shopping experience (good or bad), from the stores I usually go to everyweek. Kroger is always on the top of my list, next is Walgreens for my toiletress, and the others either Walmart, Farmfresh, or Harris Teeter. So the stores need to be aware of their sales and their service, I'm keeping an eye on you guys!

3. Stories to share

This post will be about me and my family. Exciting, funny, sad, and other unforgettable moments I surely don't want to forget. Hopefully, It is something entertaining to blog about without being to personal.

So there you have it!. My blogs divided in 3 parts. I will be posting more coupon 101 than anything else since I blog for people who needs my help about using coupons. I am here to save the day or ... week, kinda like the weekly ad, you ... get the idea! (lol)

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